Grow your practice, and do your best work

A Powerful Practice Productivity System that Just Works.

Hivelight isn’t just an app, it’s a system for helping your team deliver quality legal services in a way that scales.

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See the progress of all your matters at a glance.

You can’t manage what you can’t see. Hivelight takes the blindfold off with real time reporting on the status of all your matters.

Empower your team to work as a team, wherever they are.

At all times every member of the team knows what to do next, how to do it, and who to have their work reviewed by. This is delegation and supervision that scales.

Senior staff can focus without frequent interruption, while junior staff learn quickly and provide increasingly skilled support to the practice.

The perfect solution for hybrid working. Whether working from home or in the office, teams can coordinate easily to progress each matter.


Stop losing tasks in your inbox.

Task your team via Hivelight and tame your inbox.

Get notified when tasks are completed on matters you are following.

Easily reallocate tasks in bulk, and mark them as high priority.

See which team members are over loaded and which have capacity to clear bottlenecks and speed up matter progress.

Power Up with Time Saving Apps

Use powerful apps to take your legal work to the next level.

Powerful Economic Loss Analysis to Maximise Your Claims

The first tool to put the power in the hands of lawyers to quickly produce economic loss reports in minutes.

Compare client earnings to ABS Average Weekly Earnings for each industry.

Automatically calculate tax, super, and net earnings.

Present economic loss claims visually for powerful effect.


Quickly Produce First Class Damages Calculations with No Math

Maximise outcomes for your clients with the Hivelight Damages Calculator App.

A fast flexible modular tool for assessing damages. Adaptable to any jurisdiction.

Create calculation templates to ensure your team.

Quickly demonstrate the effects of different risks and calculate take home values for clients.

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